RBC Student Sets High Aims for National Championship NZ

Royal Business College wishes Akhil Aravindakshan best of luck for his upcoming adventure in Auckland. He will be representing Canterbury in New Zealand National Table Tennis Championship. Akhill is very excited and confident that he along with his team mates will finish on podium in their respective division.

Akhil is an overseas student at Royal Business College Christchurch Campus, who came from India to complete his diploma in information technology level 7. He enjoys his studies and is a very passionate and hardworking student. Akhil carries this attitude from his sports and transforms his positive energy to shine in academia.

“He is a smart student, I am sure that he can handle pressure situations and can delivers wonders at any stage. I feel proud to teach students such as Akhil and do learn a lot from him, especially his approach towards problem solving. I am pretty sure that he will bring a medal home for Canterbury Table Tennis Association and will make us proud”, told Akhil’s tutor, Jignesh Patel.

Mr. Vladimir Ivanov, Table Tennis Coach at Canterbury Table Tennis Stadium, who is also helping Akhil, is very positive about the outcome of this upcoming tournament and is confident that this young bright talent can do wonders if given a chance to perform for New Zealand in future. One of RBC students went to see Akhil during a practice session and got some remarkable comments from his coach.

Akhil’s classmates are very excited to see him performing at the highest level. They feel proud to cheer for him. “I am looking forward to witness Akhil’s live performance and if he marches to semi-final stages in the tournament, I will fly to Auckland and cheer for him”, said one of his friends, Dhanusha, who is also completing his diploma in information technology at the same campus.

Management at Royal Business College supports such talented students is very keen to promote them. To get Akhil going with absolute peace of mind, academic staff is helping him with his course-work. They have dedicated some extra time especially for him so that he is not left behind from the rest in his class while he is away for the competition. He will be representing Canterbury and appear in singles and mixed doubles events. In mixed doubles, he is partnering with Ellen Chen. The college wishes him success in all of his upcoming ventures. The following video shows how he brings a zing with his affectious and dedicated hard work. The master of the table showing some skills in a recent match that you will love to watch.

The exciting and talented kid, fearless of the outcome, puts his maximum in whatever he does which is a true attribute of a champion. He has the whim, passion, talent and desire to prove himself on the bigger stage and we at Royal Business College are sure that he will get his destiny and make us proud.

New Zealand Launches 5-year Pathway Visa for International Students

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse and Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce on 27 November 2015 announced that 18 month pilot would kick off on 7 December 2015 for a 5 year Pathway Student Visa. The pilot process consists of more than 500 tertiary, secondary and primary institutions across New Zealand.

Students enrolled in Pilot-eligible education institutions will pursue a structured pathway of language and academic programmes. Such students will also be allowed to work during their studies according to current immigration rules. The pathway Student Visa presents great opportunities for students who plan to settle in New Zealand in the longer run. It will help students to obtain high quality education acceptable all around the globe and work in competitive environments to polish their skills necessary to take their careers to next level.

live in new zealandCombined efforts of institutions and stakeholders, national branding initiative, and a highly increasing approach to building its international market share in education sector, the country witnesses great increase in its international enrollments over the course of last 5 years. The international education sector grosses up to NZ$2.85 billion and is nearly supporting 30,000 jobs. Seeing the growth potential and acceptability of NZ education across the globe, NZ government plans to invest more in this sector. The government targets to increase the gross value of this sector by NZ$5 billion by 2025. This will result in doubling the current international enrollments on the least in coming decade. 5-year pathway student visa aims to bring international students in the country to gain high quality education at tertiary, primary and secondary level. This initiative also focuses on retaining students who have become part of learning and development programme in the country. In order to achieve this goal and boost competitiveness in education sector, the government is implying stringent policies to make sure that defined standards are met in terms of delivering high quality education.

Minister Joyce said, “The industry and Government believe that Pathway Student Visas will help retain more international students and make New Zealand more competitive with countries such as Australia, which already offer pathway programmes”.

The South and South East Asia Regional Director for Education New Zealand Ziena Jalil affirm that this will encourage students interested in gaining their education in New Zealand. The pathway visa will enable students to enroll in English Language Course, proceed to a foundation programme after gaining desired language skills and then go on to participate in a degree programme of their choice. Currently, students have to apply for three different visas under such circumstances; for language course, foundation programme and finally for degree completion.

psb (11)18-moths trial will allow immigration New Zealand to evaluate pilot outcomes such as retention of students from first to second programme of study, how the education providers are coping up with new arrangements, and if they are successfully maintaining the standards of education or not.

Not all the educational institutions are part of this initiative, meaning that students who have enrolled in specific intuitions can only benefit from this programme. Along with many other parameters, a couple of safeguards that NZ Government has placed are;

  • To become a participating institution, it has to have 90% student visa approval rate in previous 12 months.
  • Educational providers have to sign a formal agreement with the government in order to ensure smooth delivery of student services.

A comprehensive list of approved education providers can be found at Immigration New Zealand website.

To apply for a pathway visa, students must have the following;

  • Admission offer letter from one of the approved institutions. Students will have to show a covering letter from different educational providers detailing out combined pathway if there is more than one institution involved. Admission letter from each of the participating institution will also be required.
  • Student need to provide proof of sufficient funds to support their stay in New Zealand for the first year on the least. This will include tuition fee along with maintenance funds of NZ$15,000.

For a faster application processing, students may apply online. Detailed instructions for pathway student visa are available of Immigration New Zealand website.