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Housing for international students in New Zealand!

housing for international students

Looking for high quality education, best of exposer, research and learning experiences? New Zealand offers them all in its universities, colleges and educational institutions. Importance of education in a country can be judged by the resources and financial budgets which government spares for it. Total spend designated to education sector indicates how much importance that country gives to this sector. Ministry of Education secured NZ$13,183 million in budget for the year 2014 – 2015. Since the assigned budget is utilized to promote and enhance educational institutions in various aspects ranging from infrastructure to research grants and so on, therefore, international students are always interested to find out how much resources are allocated for education.

housing for international studentsThere are quite a few other considerations other than allocated budget which international students pay attention to while choosing a country as destination for further studies. Housing is one of them! Housing in New Zealand for international students can be of different types depending on what you, as a student, want. Institutions in New Zealand generally offer reliable housing options for students when they apply for admission. If an institution does not have dedicated housing facilities, they will thoroughly guide you about securing right place meeting your specific requirements.

Generally speaking, housing in New Zealand is on the expensive side when compared with its counterparts. However, if you are smart enough and lay out all the available options before making a final decision, you will find a better solution for yourself. The best of securing decent housing is through the institution where you plan to study. They will guide you and in some instances will provide you with a short-term transitional residence.

Often cost is the deciding factor for international students, therefore, they tend to look for shared accommodations to cut them down. It is very common in New Zealand to live with a family or other students/professionals to share expenses together. On the other hand you can choose to live alone in dorm rooms or flats if your budget allows you to do so.

Types of Housing in New Zealand

  • Homestay
  • Hostel
  • Apartments
  • Private rental houses
  • Personal residence
  • Guest houses


homestay accomodation for international studentsIt is common that families who want to rent out/share their living place with an international student contact educational institutions. Institutions maintain a list of such families and refer students who want to stay in family environment. It provides students with a great opportunity to learn and adopt local culture quickly. Students who are working on language, traditions and life styles prefer these homestays as they are more information providing rather than books and all other research. These families spare a room or even student may have to share a room with them. Student pays on agreed basis so family offers him/her home environment, food and other facilities.


international student accomodationHousing in hostels can be of different types. Either hostel is offered by university on-campus in format of hall and private hostels which are not limited to students only. Both can be option but on-campus housing is considered safer and more charming as student can interact with other students all the time which helps in studies. Hostel provides rooms, cubicles and dormitories. These are mostly furnished with a single bed, desk, chair and a cupboard for each student. Lounges, kitchens and washrooms are shared. Such facilities are usually equipped with internet.


apartments for international studentsStudents can live in apartments either by themselves or can share with other. Apartments are different from hostels and homestays because students are themselves responsible for cleaning and food. Usually rental amount for apartments include utilities’ expenses like gas, electricity and water. Students can enjoy their personal life styles in apartments rather than lifestyles of society.

Private rental houses:

private accomodationPrivate rental houses are not usually furnished and students have to furnish themselves. Private houses are of different ranges starting from studio like to multi-bedroom houses and their rents depend upon the location and size of house. According to real estate rules, students will have to pay a bond as security with first rent.

Personal Residence:

housing6Students which have family estate in New Zealand enjoy domestic rights. As their parents have citizenship so they are subject to concession in fees and other dues. Still, they have to pay for basic utilities themselves like gas, electricity and water. However, there are very fewer amounts of students who have personal residence. They are responsible for furnishing their houses.

Guest houses:

housing5Motels and guest houses can also be an option but they are not suitable for long-term residence. They are highly expensive as compared to hostels and houses. However, they are fully furnished and very luxurious. Their rents include all utilities including food. Students looking for short-term stays enjoy guest houses the most.